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According to ICD-11, it is a persistent loss of control over gaming (frequency, duration, completion, etc.), accompanied by negative consequences for significant areas of the player's life. The diagnosis is made provided that the problem has been observed for a year, or has severe symptoms and meets all the criteria.

Notify your surgeon if there is a change in your physical condition such as a cold, fever or respiratory problems.

In words it sounds good, but there are already difficulties here. Apparently, experts have not been able to agree among themselves what exactly can be considered a gaming disorder, since in ICD-11 its description and symptoms are identical to gambling (pathological addiction to gambling). Of course, this caused criticism from a number of prednisolone.

A similar story is observed in the DSM 5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), which includes a similar disorder, internet-gaming disorder. True, in the latter case, the description and symptoms are similar to addictive behavior in general (including addiction to the use of psychoactive substances), and the disorder itself is not included in the main register, that is, it requires further study. In addition, the difference between gaming disorder and hazardous gaming is not very clear. The latter is included in a separate group of factors affecting health, and is described as the nature of the game that poses a threat to buy prednisolone online or mental health of a person or those around him.

In simple terms, it is not yet known exactly whether gaming disorder can be considered an independent diagnosis or a consequence of other diseases (for example, depression or anxiety disorder). Will all gamers now be considered addicts? There are different opinions on this matter. While some experts believe that the inclusion of gaming disorder in the ICD will allow for the provision of qualified care to appropriate patients, others fear the spread of a new stigma (discrimination of a disease where there is none).

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On the one hand, recognition of the problem leads to its more detailed study, the spread of specialized clinics and the improvement of the qualifications of relevant personnel. On the other hand, computer games without gaming disorder are a very convenient explanation for a number of social problems. The latter, however, is no longer about Russian realities. For us, the problem of prednisolone pills is more pressing, when the older generation considers the usual passion for games to be a disease. And here it is very problematic to predict development. I would like to believe in good things, in the dissemination of adequate information about gaming behavior. Unfortunately, I myself have observed many examples of biased attitudes towards computer games on the part of domestic specialists. So for us it all depends on what will prevail this time. professionalism or limited amateurism.